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Welcome to Cyprus, the beautiful paradise island decorated by the Mediterranean sea and basked in splendid sun all year round. Cyprus lies quiescent in the Mediterranean where modernity of Europe and unspoiled charm of the orient meet. The turquoise sea gently heaves onto the outstretched sandy beaches that undulate up the hills. Virgin flora covers the mountains, creating a variety of verdant and rich landscapes.
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Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean and lies off the southern coast of Turkey and the western shore of Syria.

Cyprus is an island with legends and history that go back more than 10,000 years. It has witnessed great women and men of civilizations come and go and leave their footprints here … such as Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, the legendary Aphrodite who according to story favoured Cyprus as her veritable birthplace that many noble traveller ever after sought out in ancient times and just as well as today.
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Cyprus’ natural beauty and ancient cultural heritage make it a luxurious holiday and exceptional ecotourism destination. Cyprus is of resplendent and myriad charm all year round guaranteeing you always an enjoyable holiday.

Cyprus has all desirable components one can dream of. It is a modern country that displays European culture mingled with Mediterranean leisure, ancient past and oriental charm. Travelling by car from Cyprus Car Rental you can find everything at close range, wonderful turquoise beaches, aroma scenting vineyards, citrus orchards and olive trees studded with ancient ruins and stone villages with laid-back folk inviting you to a chat.  


You can easily reach refreshing pine mountain tops and enjoy pristine clear air and deep peace resonating from nature and gentle locals. Besides the attractive clean beaches Cyprus also offers hiking and skiing adventures on its breathtakingly refreshing mountains.
With Cyprus Car Rental you can easily escape to the cool and shade of the forests in the mountains when the heat of the beaches overwhelms you.

Cyprus is a modern country that effortlessly blends European culture with indelible links to its past and the influence of the Near East. There is a sweep of ancient ruins that scatter the island and sit dramatically amongst its coast and mountains stirring your imagination to stories they may have witnessed.
In the towns and cities, there is a dash of Mediterranean leisureliness to go with the bright lights and buzzing nightlife.

We invite you to visit our island for a splendid Mediterranean vacation. With Cyprus Car Hire you get a good deal on this small Island because you can go anywhere in a short time along good roads.

This website serves you as an official guide of Cyprus leading you to fulfil any of your needs and destinations you can dream off. Have an in-depth look at Cyprus and you may find all the things you could dream of.